Rui Soares

Product designer

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... I am a product designer, working @Carlsberg Group, creating sweet ass products for our customers and employees, with a focus on innovation.

Before joining Carlsberg I worked at Vision-Box designing digital products for biometric control access in Airports.

When I’m not designing I am being a dad.



Carlsberg Customer facing design system

Because our digital products were scattered all over the place, it was time to seat and define what value we want to deliver and the experiences we want our customers to have


Skillable  - Tackling engagement

Number of users decreased, and some patterns start to emerge.

Available soon

Mobile ID - Full app redesign

Full redesign, performance, and usability issues are at the center of this decision.


Dashbox - Report and dashboard config

Tailored content and personalised look is what everyone wants on their dashboards

Available soon