Mobile ID -Full app redesign

Scan personal documents and send them to an app it is a big thing and we need to make sure users face no issues and that they trust in the product they are proving information to. But also to make it clear the benefits of having it all stored in your phone

What is Mobile ID all about:

Projecting identity in to the digital world

Enhancing security by enabling multi-factor authentication (including multi-modal biometrics)

Convenient (mobile devices are almost ubiquitous now)

Process & experience

When I got the project, we already had a POC in place, at that time, this version was submitted to several stress tests in our Lab, but we've found several issues, related with performance, security, and trust, so we came up to the conclusion that that full UX needs to be revisited


"Take me out of this cue"

This was our WHY! Airports are stressful, and every stage you need to go through is an extra drop of stress to people. We had several shadowing sessions in Schiphol Airport (VB partner) and some contextual inquiries, and those were so rewarding because we start to understand and map out the major pains passengers felt when going through all those stages.


We’ve mapped out the most critical flows, the flows that we knew for some reason users leave the app, letting the process half-way. We revisited those, we made them more usable, more friendly, and obvious in every interaction.

What works better than a good piece of descriptive text? Cool animations


The onboarding for us was critical, because we use to have huge blocks of text with static icons, and the above one it tells a story with the support of small bits of text. Click on the video to see a preview.

Clear instructions and
dedicated animations

mobileid-adding cards.png

Users usually left here. Previous "adding cards / Id's" section, was confusing, with just dense blocks os text, and normally they felt lost and this completely made them lose trust and put aside the app. That's why we add some very cool isometric SVG's animations, so there are no questions and instructions are clear.

Your wallet, your taste


ID documents, cards, and boarding passes, they all looked the same, and they were "stored" in the same place. Now we have those "segmentation controls" supported with an illustration, so the user could easily find the wanted document.

Adding documents can be "fun-ish"


"Let's try to make this a little bit more engaging", that was our thought, when we start to add, across the app achievements and milestones to accomplish.

The outcome

While working in the project, Vision-Box was testing some high range biometric cameras, this means, that the passengers could be recognized at 8 to 10m from the gate. And at that time, all the process: capture, verifying ID and authentication was taking around 2 to 5 seconds, that is amazing... Horray technology!


Then I left, but until today I am impressed with Vision-box, developers, engineers, and technicians, what a talented team.


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